About Us

ValueMed is an online search platform that matches patients with doctors based on compatibility and shared healthcare values.

Our mission is to connect patients with doctors who understand their lifestyle, values, and culture. We don't simply want to find any doctor, we want to find your doctor who has your priorities in mind.

How does it work?

ValueMed utilizes a match-making algorithm to find which doctors patients are most compatible with. Doctors and patients answer a few questions outlining what they value in health care. The algorithm then matches patients with doctors who they are most compatible with.  Our survey was developed using data supporting the validity of this technique and has been tested with hundreds of doctors.

Improving patient-satisfaction and making a splash in the market-place

Healthcare organizations are looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction, lower costs, and stand-out as leaders in their field.  ValueMed is the perfect for solution.  Research shows that using a method such as ours improves compliance, patient satisfaction, and improves outcomes.  

Access to ValueMed is free

If you are interested in using ValueMed, it is free and available for any patient, private physician, or healthcare group.  Healthcare groups will be searchable from our interactive map.  In addition, you will have control over every aspect of your practice and have the ability to control your online image.

Sign-up and get involved

Want your practice to joing ValueMed? Our algorithm is designed best for provider groups of 3 or more. Please visit the health care orgnaization sign-up page and send a request to join. We will estbalish a customized account within 24 hours that you will have full access to. After that, we ask that you encourage your providers to fill out our 3 minute survey.