Frequently Asked Questions

What is ValueMed?

ValueMed is a search tool that matches patients and doctors who share the same healthcare values. We understand each patient has unique needs and each doctor has a unique style of practice. Our health values survey identifies patients and doctors who share the same values and brings them together.

How does ValueMed work?

ValueMed is easy to use. First, tell us the type of doctor you are looking for. Then, fill out a brief survey about how you like your healthcare delivered. We identify doctors in your area and rank them according to how well they match your healthcare values. 

How much does ValueMed cost?

ValueMed is competely free to patients and doctors.

How is ValueMed different?

We understand that finding the right doctor should not be an internet popularity contest. ValueMed does not use anonymous ratings or anonymous comments. Every patient is unique and the doctor who is a perfect match for one patient may not be the perfect match for another. We are simply interested in finding the best match for you.

What if I have a problem with a provider? 

Please let us know! Fill out a comment card and we will happily get to the bottom of it. We strive to find the best match between all patients and doctors.

Who can sign up for ValueMed?

Patient and doctors can both sign up for ValueMed. Patients can fill out our survey and save the results for future searches. Doctors can set up a profile for patients to find them.

When will ValueMed be coming to my area? 

ValueMed is growing fast. Want ValueMed in your area? Let us know. We will do our best to help doctors enroll in your area.