Provider FAQ


What is ValueMed?

ValueMed is a website that matches patients and doctors who share the same healthcare values in order to improve patient care and satisfaction.

What do the Philosophy of Care Questions mean?  Are they important?

Please go to our Philosophy of Care Questions Explained page to understand the reasoning and importance of asking these questions.

How does ValueMed’s matchmaking system work? 

It is a two-step process.  Firstly, we use a complex algorithm that takes the physician responses and matches them with the patient responses from the Philosophy of Care section only.  A point value is then assigned to the match.  The match falls into 1 of 3 categories based on the level of agreement.  Category (1) is a ‘Bad Match’, Category (2) is a ‘Good Match’, and Category (3) is a ‘Great Match’.  Bad matches are not included in the search results.  In addition, there is an ‘Excellent Match’ as well.  This higher tier of compatibility is possible by filling out the second, optional survey:  Lifestyle, Values, and Culture.  If you and a patient match any field under Lifestyle, Values, and Culture your compatibility score will automatically be moved to the next tier.  So, a great match will be an excellent match, a good will become great, etc. 

How many patients will I match with?  Am I putting myself at a disservice by limiting the number of patients who can find me?

Initial testing of the algorithm shows that the majority of patients will match with the majority of providers if BOTH surveys are filled out.  However, some patients may not find you because there is too much disagreement in your responses.  If you feel that patients are unable to find you, you may re-evaluate your survey responses at any time.  If you feel that patients are matching with you who should not be, please let us know. 

When using other online services, searching for a doctor results in dozens of profiles that do not adequately represent what patients are looking for.  As a provider, you are not putting yourself at a disservice by using the matching software.  On the contrary, by finding the patients who you are most compatible with, you will maintain a stronger relationship, improve health outcomes, and find patients who are more likely to remain under your care long-term.

What additional features will be available?

Search by Area of Interest (AOI) or Special Conditions (SC)

Currently, doctors may add these fields to their profile, but patients are unable to search for these categories at this time.  We will be implementing this feature in the near future.  For example, if you are an Internal Medicine doctor with a special interest in women’s health, patients will be able to search for you based on that interest.

Online Booking

An automated booking service utilizing EMR compatible software will allow patients to book appointments through their doctor’s profile.

Internal Referral Service

An easier way to refer patients to your colleagues.  You may opt yourself into a cohort of providers who share similar styles of practice and knowledge of different cultural issues.  Referring to doctors within this cohort improves continuity of care.  For example, a primary care provider who takes care of an LGBT patient may want to refer to a specialist who is also competent in LGBT care.

Continuing Medical Education

Administrative and legislative mandates require physicians to acquire CME credits on an annual or bi-annual basis.  Not only will we provide discounted CME credits, but we will allow you to post your CME accomplishments to your profile and receive special designation.

Expanding Value Systems

I provide care to a specific patient population that is not listed on ValueMed, can you add it to your service?

We are always looking at new patient populations to serve.  Please let us know and we will look into integrating it into our algorithm.

Profile Changes

I wish to disable my account, how do I do this?

Please send us a request at to have your account disabled.  It should be noted that your account can not be actively searched for if you have not filled out the first part of the survey:  Philosophy of Care. 

How do I navigate my provider profile?

The main page is the control panel, from here you can edit your profile page or change your answers to either survey.  There is also an option to view your profile as a patient might see it.

How do I change my username or password?

In control panel go to the left hand side.  Under personal settings go to ‘username and password’ and make your changes.

How do I add a profile picture?

In control panel go to the left hand side.  Under personal settings go to ‘edit avatar’.  You may also find this link under Edit Physician Profile by going to ‘upload profile picture’ on the right side of the navigation bar.